Best 5 Free Computer Game Softwares For Your Computer

Searching for free Computer Game Software for your new gaming PC? You’ve arrived at the proper location. Whether you recently purchased a gaming PC or built one from the ground up, that buzzing pile of silicon and plastic needs top-notch software to push it to those boundaries. In this article from, there are a few such apps available that won’t cost you a penny, even if you’ve just spent all your money on your setup.

Don’t wait till you have more money in the bank to test your brand-new PC, which is sitting in your office in pride of place.

If you know where to look, you may easily find a number of necessary free Computer Game Software for your freshly purchased gaming PC that you can download right now.

Best Free Computer Game Software

Best Free Computer Game Software
Best Free Computer Game Software


As a well-known producer of PC gaming accessories, Razer also creates some extremely effective free applications to enhance your system. There are, of course, portions of the suite that will direct you to some of Razer’s premium applications, but Razer Cortex: Game Booster still has a ton of free gold to be mined.

Game Booster has something to offer any PC because it was made to operate with all builds, no matter how basic or powerful your setup may be. Regardless of whether you open your games through Steam, Origin, or another platform, Game Booster will automatically strive to improve your settings.

It’s a wonderfully brilliant piece of free software for your gaming PC and perfect if you want to make a slight but noticeable increase. It’s also helpful if you want to a little more work out of an older PC.


Okay, this one sells itself. There is one Computer Game Software you simply can’t live without if you’ve constructed or purchased a brand-new PC with the sole intention of gaming: good ol’ Steam(opens in new tab). Here at TechRadar, we adore it, and we have no doubt that you will feel the same way.

The kind of safe, professional ecosystem typically associated with closed-box consoles is now available to PC users thanks to Steam. You can use the software to search for and start playing free-to-play games, cheap indie games, or full-fledged triple-A games. Achievements are even supported, and the Big Picture mode allows for couch play.


Afterburner - Best Free Computer Game Software
Afterburner – Best Free Computer Game Software

Afterburner was created by MSI first for its own line of graphics cards, but it has subsequently been made available to owners of AMD and Nvidia cards so they may push their hardware to the limit. Free optimization tool MSI Afterburner is necessary if you even have a remote interest in making the graphics card in your new gaming PC live up to its price tag.

Consider MSI Afterburner as the key to your GPU’s inner potential; it allows you to adjust the voltage settings of your chosen piece of hardware to enhance performance.

When it comes to overclocking your computer, MSI Afterburner excels the most when it comes to video RAM and clock speed. Be cautious, though, as tinkering with these settings might drastically overheat your system. Before you start cooking your GPU, make sure your cooling system is running at maximum capacity.

LogMeIn Hamachi

You must be prepared to rely on a robust and reliable VPN (a virtual private network) if you want to arrange safe meetings or record many contributors to a podcast or game session.

Although LogMeIn Hamachi is completely free to use, as you would have suspected given that it is on this list, don’t be deterred by this fact because free in no way equates to ‘cheap’.

With Hamachi, you can create a secure network between many computers and do everything from file sharing to playing private games. It does this by utilizing a highly secure P2P protocol to offer easy access to servers, firewalls, and routers. Hamachi won’t make you feel like a complete noob if you’re just getting started with the idea because it has one of the easiest user interfaces we’ve ever encountered in the world of VPNs.


A few things, however, can compare to getting together with your buddies online for a pleasant chat via your headset while playing a game. A top-notch VoIP tool is necessary whether you wish to connect on World of Warcraft or are just looking to chat while everyone is playing their own game.

Several voice chat choices are available, but TeamSpeak is our preferred VoIP program. It’s simple to connect with your friends, and its feature set is very excellent, allowing you to adjust sound levels, use echo reduction, and even use encryption.

Although TeamSpeak is free for personal, non-commercial usage on PCs, renting a server or purchasing additional software will cost money.


Just in time for PC Gaming Week 2023, our thoughtfully curated selection of Free Computer Game Software should get you off to a good start. Your new gaming PC will become a towering powerhouse with the help of these 10 vital free tools, allowing you to monitor frame rates, communicate via voice with ease, and stream like a pro.

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