Exploring the Rich History of Age of Empires Games

Many devoted real-time strategy game players have a special affection for the age of empires games. Although there were a number of other contenders for the title of greatest RTS game of all time, none of them can compare to the age of empires games series in terms of popularity and replayability.

Even though there aren’t as many age of empires games games as there are in longer series like the Call of Duty or FIFA, each one has endured through the ages and is still popular today. Multiple Definitive Edition updates and live servers with updates that keep these games current and ready to play have made this possible. mobasport.com will provide some of information for you in this post.

Age of Empires

Age of empires games
Age of empires games

The first game in the entire series and the one that popularized the RTS subgenre in the late ’90s is Age of Empires. Age of empires games, a game released in 1997 by Ensemble Studios and Microsoft, was revolutionary for its time. It included several new features, such as unit grouping, and had more modern graphics than other games of the age.

Even though it comes in last on this list, the game is in no way subpar. Its status as one of the best games of all time is solidified by the fact that it was innovative for its time by introducing the idea of eras and tech trees along with the ability to command vast armies in battle.

Age of empires games and The Rise of Rome, the expansion that followed, were so well-liked that they received a Definitive Edition update in 2017. In addition to many quality-of-life improvements that players have come to expect from contemporary games, this remastered edition improved its graphics engine to take use of modern capabilities.

Age of Empires III

Age of empires games
Age of empires games

The widely anticipated Age of Empires III was the follow-up to the wildly successful age of empires games II and its expansion. When Ensemble Studios updated the game’s graphics for the next generation and included additional ages to play about with, many players praised the direction Ensemble Studios had taken the game in. However, ardent AoE fans weren’t too happy with the adjustments.

Age of Empires III put the attention on the age of exploration during the colonial period, while age of empires games II concentrated on the medieval era. A large portion of the gameplay and campaigns are centered on colonial-era America and the conflicts between the European powers and the natives over control of the area and its resources.

Age of Empires III and its subsequent expansions solidified itself as a distinct game that plays significantly differently from the rest of the series with five eras rather than four and a new home base system to obtain emergency supplies from.

Age of Empires IV

The most recent Age of Empires game, Age of Empires IV, was released 14 years after age of empires games III. By the time October 2021 rolled around, devoted fans of the Age of Empires series were eager to play a new Age of Empires title featuring cutting-edge gameplay and graphics.

And it delivered in spades. Age of Empires IV was created and released by Relic Entertainment, a developer and publisher of a number of incredible RTS games, including the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series. This game shared many of Age of Empires II’s features while also adding some fresh and interesting ones, acting more like a straight sequel to that game.

The AoE series introduces the idea of branching routes to age up your civilization with various monuments, which makes it unique from the other games in the genre. In multiplayer games, each path offers a unique style of play and a lot of outplay possibilities if you feel outmatched by another civilisation.

Age of Empires IV is the most competitively viable game that came before it, and it is also one that is now receiving a lot of online play.

Age of Mythology

Age of empires games
Age of empires games

In this game, where you must initially select one of three major gods, the four-ages system is back. From here, each age advances further once you select a new minor deity to worship. With some gods emphasizing peace and prosperity and others giving you access to destructive weapons of war, each god you pick bestows upon you a deity power particular to that culture and that path.

Aside from god powers, the introduction of mythical creatures was the series’ major game-changer. Each species has certain skills that are also specific to the culture on which they are based. They make for an unusual mix in battle and a unique age of empires games franchise experience when combined with human warriors and heroes.

Age of Empires II

Unquestionably, the most played title in the franchise is age of empires games II. In fact, the game was so well-liked that three separate versions were released at various times. Age of Kings, the initial version, and The Conquerors, the expansion, were both released in 1999 and 2000, respectively.

Thereafter, a series of expansion packs for the game, including The Forgotten, The African Kingdoms, and Rise of the Rajas, were made available. These packs increased the number of playable civilizations and added new campaigns to the main game. In 2013, age of empires games II: HD Edition, a compilation of all these expansions with enhanced visuals and achievements added to the main game, was released.

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition was developed by Microsoft Studios six years after the HD Edition was released. It features enhanced textures, voice acting for all campaigns, updated online multiplayer functionality, and frequent events. Later, the Definitive Edition received further expansions including Lords of the West, Dawn of the Dukes, and Dynasties of India, increasing the number of playable civilizations to a whopping 42.


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