Best Gacha Games 2022: Discover the Best Gacha Games to Play

The commitment and spending patterns of free-to-play best gacha games 2022 are similar, yet gachas offer a sense of return unmatched by any other game genre. It can be challenging to learn and enjoy gachas because some games hide progression behind paywalls while others use auto-play to cover up tedious, repetitive gameplay loops. But that doesn’t exclude a fantastic gacha from competing head-to-head with some of the top Android games.

In the end, best gacha games 2022 won’t put undue pressure on you to break the bank to fuel those wins. They can still provide a refined tale and content, well-designed voice tracks, and worthy music to sync with your best pair of wireless headphones. This is why we’ve put together a list of the top best gacha games 2022 that fit these criteria exactly, giving you a solid justification for playing. will provide some of information for you in thi post.

Another Eden

best gacha games 2022
best gacha games 2022

There is no energy mechanic, no PvP, and no daily tasks for you to worry about in Another Eden, a narrative-driven best gacha games 2022 without the demanding grind. You control the pace. The best thing is that it’s a single-player game that can be played for free. It was created by Masato Kato, who also wrote and directed it, and Yasunori Mitsuda, who composed the music. Another Eden is a great alternative for novices who aren’t accustomed with gacha gaming because it doesn’t push its gacha as the primary focus but instead wants to drive the classic JRPG experience for the player.


The tower defense aspect of Arknights sets it apart from other best gacha games 2022 and demands true strategy to succeed. There is a mix of additional gaming components, such as card collection and auto-play (with limitations), which is useful when you have to leave your smartphone. The game is well-known for being free-to-play (F2P) friendly; you may spend in 4-star units to get you through the majority of the material, leaving the 5- and 6-stars as optional extras for your squad, and there are no competitive modes that require you to pay to win nonetheless. You can get through the game with just a little knowledge of its mechanics, where exerting effort and using smart strategy pay rewarded.

Honkai Impact 3rd

best gacha games 2022
best gacha games 2022

Honkai Impact 3rd’s writing and gameplay initially don’t feel very polished, thus it might take some time to get into it. Even after seven years, this is still one of HoYoverse’s main efforts. Honkai Impact 3rd features stunning visuals, a fun rock-paper-scissors combat system, and a developing, emotionally charged tale. Additionally, you can now collect money outside of the gacha to buy older units due to Honkai Impact 3rd’s age. These units, however, are more than sufficient to get you through the major content if you’re a fresh player aiming to complete the PvE content. In the later stages of the game, meta units and duplicates are required, but there is a lot of stuff to go through first.

Punishing: Gray Raven

Not including Punishing: Gray Raven in today’s gacha roundup would be a disservice. When compared to the great bulk of action RPGs on Android, the fighting is incredibly smooth and professional. The best gacha games 2022 can be difficult, though, as you must execute flawless dodges, move quickly to complete combos, and use your orb mechanics to defeat bosses. Since NieR:Automata and Honkai Impact 3rd are both known for having darker, more mature, and somber themes, the tale and setting are not for the faint of heart.

Genshin Impact

With Genshin Impact, HoYoverse is quickly breaking records as the most costly video game ever. HoYoverse invests millions in music, art, and material to make the best gacha games 2022 a triple AAA experience. The most difficult content right now is the spiral abyss, where anyone can achieve 36 stars if they use their resources wisely, invest in their units, and plan their team around the buffs and enemy lineups. Genshin Impact is still primarily a single-player open-world game. You’ll either love or detest Genshin Impact because it can be such a time-sink for free gamers, even if it’s still regarded as one of Android’s best games.

Guardian Tales

best gacha games 2022
best gacha games 2022

Guardian Tales, a best gacha games 2022 that should be higher on this list, will appeal to Zelda aficionados from the past. Dungeon crawling, puzzle solving, and 2D action combat are the main game mechanics. The gacha is merely there to assist speed things along; it is not necessary for in-game progression. The game is also F2P friendly outside of PvP. Guardian Tales features a lighthearted and endearing plot in addition to original gameplay components that prevent you from just fighting your way to victory.


Counter:Side initially jumps out for its bright 2D graphics and distinctive setting/premise, but it actually has a lot to offer for a gacha. The protagonist is the CEO of a business who is haphazardly saving the world while attempting to avoid bankruptcy. But in order to accomplish this challenging task, a smart CEO must carefully choose the correct personnel. Overall, Counter:Side is a costly, team-planning-intensive guilty-pleasure best gacha games 2022. The ongoing plot, which is presented in Counter:Side through episodes and character side stories and is neither overly time-consuming to enjoy nor unique in its premise, is its main selling feature.

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