Get Ready for Celebrity Game Face Season 3: Laughs, Challenges, and Celeb Shenanigans!

Kevin Hart, an actor and comedian, is undoubtedly quite busy. It’s hard to imagine that Hart has much free time between doing stand-up and his busy schedule of other ventures; in fact, his Twitter bio states, “My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much captures who I am! Everyone aspires to fame, but nobody wants to put in the effort.

Even though the multihyphenate is extremely active, the COVID-19 pandemic left everyone confined to their homes with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Hart agreed to host a one-off program called “celebrity game face season 3” on E! in which four celebrity couples compete against one another in “outrageous at-home challenges” because he recognized that people needed entertainment during these tough times. The “Hart of a Champion” statue, which is, you guessed it, a gold statue of infant Kevin Hart, was the material reward. Each of the couples had the option to donate money to the charity of their choosing.

The first special of “celebrity game face season 3” aired in July 2020, and by August the network had revealed that there will be five more episodes, with Hart remaining as host and the show continuing to be recorded remotely (via Deadline). will provide some of information for you in this post.

Celebrity Game Face’s Season 3 release date

Celebrity game face season 3
Celebrity game face season 3

During the epidemic, “celebrity game face season 3” was developed in response to a very specific necessity. The epidemic had halted production, and the standard fare that people typically rely on for television pleasure was not available. Going to the movies, a concert, or even going out to supper required leaving the house. Therefore, it made complete sense for networks to do their utmost to secure celebrities to tape shows at home in order to lift people’s spirits and contribute to charitable causes.

The pandemic lasting much longer than everyone anticipated put a stop to the plans of the entertainment industry and prolonged the requirement for remotely recorded entertainment like “celebrity game face season 3.” However, it took longer than you may anticipate for E! to proceed with Season 2 of “celebrity game face season 3,” and the show was not brought back for its second season until August 31, 2021 – a full year after Season 1 premiered (via E! Online). The second season of the show just finished airing its nine episodes on November 2, and based on past trends, it might be another year before it returns (via Premiere Date).

Hart and his famous guests might not have the same time in their busy schedules now that production for other shows has resumed to appear on “celebrity game face season 3,” but given how much the show has already expanded, hopefully E! plans to bring it back for a third season.

Who you might expect to see on the show

Celebrity game face season 3
Celebrity game face season 3

Given that Kevin Hart serves as the show’s executive producer and host, should “celebrity game face season 3” return for a third season, this seems to be a given (via Deadline).

The show has included many A-list celebrities thus far. Along with Hart and his wife Eniko, the “celebrity game face season 3” special debuted with Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca, Joel McHale and his wife Sarah, and Sarah Hyland and her fiance Wells Adams (via Variety).

In the first and second seasons of the program, the number of celebrity couples grew to include friend pairings like Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen as well as famous brother and sister teams like Tracee Ellis Ross and her brother Evan, Meghan Trainor and her brother Ryan, and others (via E! Online). D’Arcy Carden, Kenan Thompson, T-Pain, Ludcaris, and others were among the other stars who had the opportunity to compete on “celebrity game face season 3” for the benefit of viewers (per E! Online).

If “celebrity game face season 3” is renewed, it’s almost a given that more famous people would take part in tasks like “Pardon My Pecker” and “Cookie Face”; considering those challenges’ catchy names, perhaps the “Succession” cast would be game to appear?

Are there any new details?

Celebrity game face season 3
Celebrity game face season 3

Celebrity game face season 3 has not yet premiered, so not much is known about it yet. After the show ended, Hart switched his focus to standup comedy and started uploading photos of himself performing at venues like Comedy Cellar and D.C. Improv.

In a post on Instagram, Hart used the hashtags “comedicrockstarshit” and “New York Nights… back in the lab.” Hart’s family always comes first, despite how busy he is with his many comic endeavors; and just as he is continuously working at his career, he is continually working at being a better father.

As a father, I’ve discovered that listening is the most crucial thing in the world, Hart told Romper. “Trying to be right isn’t the point here. The topic is not advice. It involves paying attention, gaining insight, and then doing your best to inform your children so that they may make the best decisions possible. For them, not for you.

I’m the cool dad, Hart continued. However, dad is not the funniest person in the world. They have a list of comedic rivals to me. Hart’s four children may thus appear in some capacity if “Celebrity Game Face” does return and is continued to be recorded at home (via Parade).


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