Dota 2 Best Mid Heroes for Beginners – 5 Options

It might be challenging for rookie players to win or even break even in mid lane, but if you know and control the game, you can even dominate lane with the appropriate heroes. In the mid lane, there are many excellent champions, but only a few of them are appropriate for novices. Therefore, we are here to introduce you to Dota 2 best mid heroes for beginners.

Mid heroes in Dota 2

Mid heroes in Dota 2 are heroes that typically play in the middle lane of the map. These heroes often have strong abilities that allow them to farm quickly and deal high damage to enemy heroes. These heroes often have strong abilities that allow them to roam and gank other lanes, making them a big threat to the enemy team if left unchecked.

Every position matters in the video game Dota 2. While some may contend that the carry is the most significant champion in the game, we believe the mid laner has a more significant impact. Of course, the meta plays a major role in this.

The ability to play in a 1v1 environment, though, is one of the reasons mid lane is so popular. Mid laners frequently have enough time to put their skills to the test, whereas supports can frequently gank. Mid lane in Dota 2 is a position that calls for players to have a lot of talents, as you surely already know.

Dota 2 best mid heroes for beginners

1. Lina


Although Lina can be said to as a beginner-friendly hero, only the most skilled players can fully appreciate her potential. She can effortlessly destroy adversaries with both her magical talents and physical damage.

Her AoE spell can quickly eliminate support heroes who are weak. Her fast transitions between lanes are made possible by her swift movement. There are several builds that Lina can use that will only cause her opponents misery and suffering.

Additionally, if her magic damage appears to have run out in the late game, she doesn’t tumble as swiftly in the path of physical damage as she can. Another thing to note is that Lina is excellent against agile carriers because her ultimate can reduce the hero’s HP by a half.

2. Zeus


This character, who also deals a ton of magic damage, is comparable to Lina. Zeus can inflict massive damage to numerous heroes at once, as opposed to concentrating mainly on a single target.

Zeus excels in laning with some heroes because, as soon as he reaches level six, he can eliminate them early in the game. He may gank other lanes as a result without physically being there.

Zeus’ abilities cause some heroes’ heavy armor to be destroyed with an explosive amount of magical damage. Early in the game, adversaries have a difficult time stopping his spells because they do enormous magic damage.

Zeus is stronger even in the late game than most spells because he can take out the majority of support heroes with a single shot. Furthermore, he is excellent against power cores thanks to his passive talent.

3. Viper


Early in the game, Viper has a powerful magic damage ability that is challenging for rival champions to counter. Weak heroes get annoyed by his powerful instantaneous attack and movement speed. When facing squishy opponent heroes, mid-range gamers can gain from choosing this hero.

Due of Viper’s advantage in range, melee players are forced to completely leave the lane because they are unable to easily approach for a last strike. Some heroes can be killed by his Poison Attack alone, not even needing his ultimate Viper Strike to achieve it.

4. Kunkka


If you imagine a straight 1v1 encounter, Kunkka is a fantastic laner since he makes sure that your opponent is pushed out of the lane, which lowers their farm efficiency. High armor and high HP equipment just serve to amplify Kunkka’s already powerful nature.

When his stamina is high and his HP comes to the rescue, he can easily survive ganks. His ultimate has a fantastic track record of success because it guarantees that he and his allies take the least amount of damage possible during teamfights.

Due to his AoE physical damage, which the other hero cannot simply negate, Kunkka can fit into their farm even if some heroes are quite successful in the late stages. He is one of the select few heroes who can engage the whole opposition team in a 1v5 battle.

5. Puck


Puck may not have a menacing aspect at all, but you shouldn’t underestimate the quantity of bullying it engages in in the middle. Remember that Puck is one of the Dota 2 heroes with the most intricate mechanics. Casting spells needs a significant deal of swiftness and accuracy.

It can sustain itself and deal lethal magic damage without having to worry about damage against champions who deal both magic and physical damage if the proper items are used at the appropriate time. With the help of Phase Shift and Ethereal Jaunt, it can also withstand spells and missiles, preventing death even when it has little to no health remaining.

Rounding It Up

In conclusion, there are many Dota 2 best mid heroes for beginners. Some of the best options for new players includes our recommended 5 mid laners. These heroes are all relatively easy to play and have strong abilities that can help new players learn the basics of Dota 2. Ultimately, the best mid hero for a beginner will depend on the player’s personal playstyle and preferences.

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