Dota 2 Carry for Beginners – 5 Best Heroes

The carry position on the squad has the highest gold priority. Playing this position has several advantages, like the ability to set your farm on fire and to be defeated by the entire team. In the early stages of a game, carry is frequently relatively weak and significantly depends on equipment to get stronger. But do you know anything about this position? If you are a new player, you will probably need to explore our articles, which include: the role of Carry and Dota 2 Carry for beginners.

Carry in Dota 2

A “carry” in Dota 2 is a player who is in charge of doing the majority of their team’s damage throughout a game. Carriers often have strong attacks and do a lot of damage, but they are also weak to enemy strikes and have little health reserves.

In Dota 2, a carry’s job is to deal most of the damage to the other team and develop into a formidable opponent. They often play in either the “safe lane” or the “hard lane” to collect gold and experience as rapidly as possible, enhancing their power and gaining control of the game. In addition to defending locations like Roshan and the barracks, carries are in charge of eliminating enemy heroes and towers.

The ability to split push and seize objectives on their own is another expectation of carries. In the early stages of the game, they frequently need to farm until they get their essential equipment and play defensively. As soon as they obtain their essential equipment, they grow extremely powerful and are able to simultaneously combat several heroes of the opposition.

Carriers are strong targets for enemy ganks and ambushes due to their vulnerability to opposing attacks and low health reserves, despite this fact that they also have a limited health pool. They must be protected by the rest of the team, and their squad must be able to set up fights for them so that they can do damage effectively.

The best Dota 2 carry for beginners

1. Faceless Void

Faceless Void
Faceless Void

All of Faceless Void is focused on his powerful, game-changing ultimate, Chronosphere. All units inside a sizable orb—aside from the Faceless Void—are frozen. Enemies are rendered defenseless against Faceless and his team’s ultimate abilities, making it a destructive ult in single queue. Every time the cooldown on Faceless Void ends, it is easily killed.

Thanks to Time Walk, which enables her to undo damage from the previous two seconds, Faceless Void is a tough carry. Additionally, the special ability Time Dilation delays the cooldown of foes when it hits them.

2. Terrorblade

As they scale in the late game, certain carries require more time than others. Terrorblade excels in odd pushes in the middle and late game, where he may use Manta Style to call up to four Metamorphosis illusions.

When he has his goods, Terrorblade is a beast, but he may also carve out his own territory by wisely using his illusions. Terrorblade relies heavily on items and requires a good farm.

You must engage and pressure the target while Metamorphosis is on cooldown because Terrorblade is useless without it. By increasing their effectiveness with Reflection or trading health with Sunder, he can also utilize enemy abilities against them.

3. Monkey King

Monkey King
Monkey King

Monkey King has a 300 attack range, which sets him apart from most melee heroes and enables him to assault other melee foes without worrying about reprisal. Monkey King can move stealthily and identify enemies thanks to his ability to jump from tree to tree thanks to Tree Dance.

He can utilize Primal Spring to engage a weak hero when he sees one, then kill them off with Boundless Strike. Monkey King is likewise unafraid of being struck down for straightforward conflict. Players will need to optimize Wukong’s Command and Boundless Strike by using raw damage and agility because these skills aren’t influenced by attack speed and only depend on raw damage values, respectively.

4. Luna

Due to her Moon Glaives, Luna is one of the fastest farmers in Dota 2. She is quite strong in lanes despite having a relatively low attack range compared to other ranged heroes in the game. Thanks to her Lunar Blessing aura and single-target damage nuke Lucent Beam, she can do that when teamed with an active support teammate in the lane.

Since Luna cannot defend herself against ganks, she is frequently paired with a support and played in the safe lane. Lucent Beam can be upgraded by Luna to increase Eclipse’s killing potential. The Town Portal Scroll, Shackles, Fiend’s Grip, and Requiem of Souls are just a few of the items and abilities that Luna is particularly adept at halting.

While stat-heavy items like Manta Style, Eye of Skadi, Butterfly, Satanic, and others are part of the standard Luna setup. With the updated Lucent Beam Aghanim’s Shard, she now has another build option that enables her to inflict significant damage from a distance. When Luna players select the latter build, Daedalus seems to be a popular option.

5. Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger
Drow Ranger

One of the simpler heroes to play in Dota 2 from the carry position on the safelane is Drow Ranger. The Drow Ranger is a talented archer who can use frost arrows to slow opponents. Using Ice Arrow, she was able to start kills during the laning phase. Due to her ability to use her Frost Arrows to deter agro creeps, Drow Ranger is problematic in lanes.

The Drow Ranger and any adjacent friends gain a significant agility advantage from Marksmanship, and Drow attacks now ignore base armor. The opponent team will be destroyed by Multishot and Gust as long as she can maintain her distance. Her Aghanim’s Shard is fairly effective against heroes who rely on health recovery, such as Morphling and Alchemist.

Rounding It Up

In conclusion, when starting out in Dota 2, playing as a carry can be a great way to learn the basics of the game and understand how to farm, deal damage, and contribute to team fights. The heroes listed above are all relatively easy to play and have strong early- to mid-game power, making them ideal to play Dota 2 carry for beginners.

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