Unveiling the World of Esports Player Salary 2023

Being a professional gamer is one of the hottest occupations in the Esports player salary and gaming sector. Pro gaming can refer to any occupation that entails playing video games for pay, such as Twitch streaming or competing professionally in Esports player salary and taking home some of the prize money.

But even if gamers desire to try their luck in the professional gaming scene, is it really a practical way to make a living? How much do professional gamers make on average each month? To determine that, let’s look at some cases and statistics. mobasport.com will provide some of information for you in this post.

Is esports a good career?

Esports player salary
Esports player salary

Esports player salary careers haven’t traditionally been treated seriously by the general public. Even more “traditional” professions, such those in marketing or game development, might not be treated with the same respect by their coworkers. Particularly if they’re new, people tend to disdain professional gamers even more. Too many people think that playing video games in the basements of their parents is a waste of time for teenagers. In terms of professional gaming, it’s a challenging job to land whether you concentrate on entertainment streaming or contests. Therefore, the job’s nature doesn’t really assist with all the negative news.

Competitive gaming is still a viable alternative for some people in spite of all these limitations and presumptions. Positions and chances for new talent are continuously changing because to Twitch and the expanding esports sector. A professional gamer can make money in addition to their regular pay from a variety of sources, including prize pools, sponsorships from the games they play, content development, and more.

The esports business is expanding quickly, which has a significant impact on work in the professional gaming scene. The global esports market is now estimated by Statista to be worth $1.08 billion, a 50% growth from the previous year. Additionally, they predict that by 2024, the industry may be worth about $1.62 billion. The industry can sustain more professional players because there are an increasing number of tournaments every year as a result of this exponential financial growth.

According to esports history, esports events were initially held purely for amusement. Early competitions included prizes like Rolling Stone subscriptions or Mario trophies; however, as esports’ global revenue has increased, monetary prize money have only recently begun to materialize. It would have been difficult to make a career out of taking part. Today’s top esports teams can make millions in a single competition, and gamers are much more accustomed to seeing spectacular esports earnings. For those with gaming talent and the commitment to keep improving, professional gaming can be a real, realistic job. Never let stereotypes or societal expectations invalidate that.

Average esports pro salary

Esports player salary
Esports player salary

Depending on their video game and team, Esports player salary might vary greatly. While there are various accounts from various sources, the average yearly salary for an esports player is between $12,000 and $60,000. This supports the idea that remuneration might vary depending on an individual’s circumstances.

Indeed, how many competitions a team wins has a significant impact on their compensation. As a result, even if their contracts may stipulate a set salary, it will never increase until their management or the investors in their firm are pleased with the work. It’s important to note that, depending on the terms of their contract, esports players’ overall gains may exceed their salaries and tournament prizes. Top athletes make a lot more money than that!

Professional gamers can make a living off of their love of video games, while some do it for pennies on the dollar while others become millionaires.

Esports coaching salary

Esports player salary coaches earn slightly more money on average than players do. The average pay for coaches, according to ZipRecruiter, is around $62,000. The top earners, though, can take home more than $100,000.

The challenging element, though, is finding employment as an esports coach. Esports coaches are typically not simply any properly trained people. While having a college degree in coaching sports can help, esports experience and membership on a professional team are almost always requirements for the position.

Esports manager salary

Esports player salary
Esports player salary

Esports player salary receive the highest and most reliable salary among the core employees of professional video game companies (understandably). Although the average salary for managers is more like $97,500, even entry-level managers frequently earn more than $60,000. It’s surprising that less people desire to work as Esports player salary when one considers the statistics from Talent.com.

But it’s a specialized position requiring a distinct set of talents, much like coaching in Esports player salary. You must first have prior esports experience. You then need contacts in the sector. Finally, having management, planning, and video gaming experience is crucial. And those are only the fundamentals.

Nowadays, it appears that the Esports player salary career pipeline moves from professional player to professional coach to professional manager. It simply describes how an Esports player salary continues to play even though their abilities aren’t as strong.


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