Level Up Your Viewing Experience with the Best Esports Streaming Platform

A digital hub for watching and participating in live esports streaming platform events, competitions, and gaming content is an esports streaming platform streaming platform. These platforms have grown to be essential to the esports sector as its recognition grows, giving gamers, fans, and esports organizations a place to communicate and share their love of competitive gaming. An outline of an esports streaming platform’s features and importance to the esports industry will be given in this introduction.

esports streaming platform has become a major global phenomenon in recent years, drawing millions of viewers and bringing in substantial sums of money. As a result, esports streaming platform services have emerged as the preferred choice for both casual and ardent gamers. These platforms provide a wide range of services, including access to premium game material, on-demand replays, interactive chat features, and live streaming of esports competitions. mobasport.com will provide some of information for you in this post.


Esports streaming platform
Esports streaming platform

On the market, Twitch continues to be the dominant player. With 23% of its viewers coming from the U.S. and Germany lagging at 7%, it has a significant U.S. bias toward the rest of the globe. This results in a slight English-language skew in their viewership and sponsor base.

Facebook Gaming was meant to shine after Mixer’s demise, however the majority of the more popular streamers switched back to Twitch. This covers the majority of the LoL viewers who were drawn to the esports streaming platform. Twitch was where the majority of the 756.7 million hours of Riot Games’ streams were watched. Players and spectators appear to gravitate toward the well-established players anytime the esports environment is shaken up rather than trying anything new.

Twitch generated almost $1.54 billion in revenue in 2019, and the books are still open for 2020, according to Nielsen Superdata. But statistics show that it’s also significantly oversubscribed. Only 63.3% of the viewing hours are spent on it, despite having over 90% of the streams and unique channels. Accordingly, if an esports streaming platform switched to one of Twitch’s two main competitors, they might have a larger audience overall. Some of them have done so already.

YouTube Gaming

Esports streaming platform
Esports streaming platform

This year, YouTube Gaming has surpassed its top competitor in the international market share thanks to a concentration on multilingual and foreign language streaming. They effectively control the mobile gaming sector, it may be said. The #1 streamer on Garena Free Fire is the Brazilian superstar NOBRU, who is followed by three Indian mobile players named MortaL, Dynamo Gaming, and Sc0ut.

Fortnight, the third most popular live game on YouTube Gaming in 2020 after Garena Free Fire and Minecraft, has really found a place in the desktop esports streaming platform space. PUBG Mobile comes in at number five, a little further down the list. Although it’s a little surprise that Epic Games emerged as the clear winner in this case, it was only logical for each game platform to develop spectator niches.

YouTube Gaming earned $1.46 billion in 2019, only behind Twitch, according to Nielsen Superdata. However, despite their claims, the market as a whole rose, making 2020 their greatest year ever. After Mixer’s death, they actually lost part of their streaming hour shares, down to 5.5% of the total pool across all streaming services. Nevertheless, they account for 22.5% of all viewing time, which is a fantastic value for sponsors, advertisers, and esports professionals alike.

Facebook Gaming

Esports streaming platform
Esports streaming platform

What’s going on with Facebook gaming? They were left in a limbo in a year where they appeared ready to take on the majority of Mixer’s abandoned broadcasters. During Mixer’s final month of operation, they made substantial advertising purchases and established a cooperation scheme to move the previous streamers to their platform. Even if a few of the smaller and mid-sized streamers moved, the majority of the major ones returned to Twitch.

It’s not all terrible news, either. They have a talented combination of American and foreign players. Alodia Gosiengfiao, an actress and variety streamer, is in first place. Popular CoD player StoneMountain64 follows just after that. His Warzone feeds are very big, and he has more than 2.88 million followers. With 1.9 million followers, Apex Legends and mobile gaming broadcaster Kristine Santamena comes in second. Therefore, Facebook Gaming is the streaming platform with the greatest room for growth, if you’re considering your options.

Their status within the esports streaming platform community is still developing. They increased this year to 3.4% of streamed hours, yet from that meager portion, they were able to garner 14% of watched hours. Their supporters are fervent, devoted, and giving. Many eSports professionals and full-time streamers have claimed that Facebook Gaming is easier to monetize than other broadcasting services. Therefore, even if they might come in last, Facebook Gaming is currently seeing growth and momentum.


For esports streaming platform publishers, streams act as a free kind of advertising, especially when they’re releasing a free-to-play title or allowing streamers to showcase beta content. Who would have predicted that Respawn Entertainment and EA would become household brands in the battle royale genre before last year? The popularity of Apex Legends is due to streaming. Similar to Riot’s Valorant, which transforms the MOBA juggernaut into an FPS competitor. All thanks to those games receiving a significant amount of streaming hours before their official release date.

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