Explore 7 Most Popular Anime MOBA Games For Android

Perhaps the name MOBA is no longer strange to gamers. These games are extremely attractive and attractive, attracting a large number of players around the world. Besides, not to be missed MOBA anime is equally attractive. So what are some of the most popular anime MOBA games for Android today? Here we have everything you need.

Popular anime MOBA games for Android

Onmyoji Arena

One of the best anime MOBA games for Android is Onmyoji Arena. Onmyoji Arena is NetEase’s IP “Onmyoji” series, based on rich character textures, bringing a new MOBA experience. The game has a vivid Japanese anime graphic style about the world of Heian. Using a unique map design and fog pattern, bring a richer skill set to Shikigami, make combat richer, and gameplay is good and strategic. Use the free Yin and Yang Magic system instead of Paying Charms, for a truly fair playing experience.

300 Battle

300 Battle is a 3D MOBA game in which two groups of 5 heroes each face off on the same battlefield. The goal is to knock down the enemy base before they defeat you. But first, you have to get past some defensive turrets. Players can character themselves from many different characters, each with their own special stats and abilities. As usual, there are characters who specialize in long-distance damage, support characters, and tanks… The battles in 300 Battle follow the same pattern as any other MOBA. As you take down enemies, you’ll unlock new abilities. Players can use the money obtained to buy weapons and armor to enhance their fighting ability.

Light x Shadow

Light x Shadow is an extremely attractive anime MOBA game for Android. In addition to having a great anime aesthetic, the game also offers a bunch of unique modes. You are required to compete in a variety of activities, ranging from the traditional 5v5 match against other players. In which your task is to control the enemy base, to more special modes, 3 members must confront each other in a battle to see who will control the main area. There are over 20 different heroes that completely break the stereotypical Japanese anime image. You can customize the hero’s skills as well as appearance. In addition, it is possible to associate pets with each hero you want.

Light x Shadow

Extraordinary Ones

Extraordinary One’s game retains the same familiar gameplay and gameplay as other competitors in the same segment. Still an open battlefield with 3 lanes, where you will go head-to-head in 5v5 battles with players from around the world. The most unique feature of this MOBA game is the unmistakable fun anime graphic design. The entire gameplay process of gamers from the login screen to the end of the game is no different from a lively anime episode. This adds to the excitement and stimulates players to participate.

Extraordinary Ones

Chaos Arena

This MOBA game is developed by MStudio – a famous game studio in the Chinese game market. Chaos Arena has become a MOBA game on mobile that has achieved a lot of success because of its unique gameplay and most importantly, its full HD 4K graphics that make every player feel surprised when directly experiencing it.

Each game will take place in 4vs4 format and main game mode. Players will be divided into 2 factions with each faction consisting of 4 members. And to win, you and your comrades must try your best to collect enough resources that the enemy holds to their base. It sounds simple, but to do that, you also need to protect your resources before being quickly taken back by your opponent.

Chaos Arena


MyMyMoba is one of the newest anime MOBA games for Android that is available for download now. In this game, players will be in the classic 5v5 live battleground with over 50 heroes, each with their own set of abilities and over 200 exquisite skins. Tank, assassin, mage, support and marksman are some of the slots for heroes. Create your own team, strengthen your favorite hero and defeat your opponents on the battlefield.

Eternal Return Black Survival

anime moba games for android

Eternal Return Black Survival is an extremely interesting MOBA anime game combining Battle Royale. You’ll be put in a battle arena called Lumia Island with 18 other players. Your mission is to survive, find food and fight against other players to become number 1. There are many interesting Anime characters that you can use along with their skills. There will also be many weapons that you can find in this war game.


Although not many people know, MOBA Games are one of the most searched games today in the market, this is why many people are trying to find new and exciting MOBA games in the market. Therefore, anime MOBA games for Android were born to meet the increasing needs of players. So these are the best anime games so far, anyone wants to try them now?

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