Exploring 5 Things Game of Thrones Kings Landing

Due to its association with the fabled Iron Throne, King’s Landing continues to be among the most recognizable places in game of thrones kings landing. Anyone controlling King’s Landing effectively controls the entire Seven Kingdoms because it is the seat of the Iron Throne and the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Given this, it is simple to understand why King’s Landing is the most important political setting for both the characters in the game of thrones kings landing television series and the players in the in-game “Game of Thrones.”

It’s crucial to remember, though, that the inhabitants of King’s Landing cannot fully capture the region’s rich history and culture through their mere presence and spoken exchanges. In fact, there are certain aspects of King’s Landing that only book readers would recall, giving the community a considerably richer depth. mobasport.com will provide some of information for you in this post.

A Matter Of Size, Population

Game of thrones kings landing
Game of thrones kings landing

There was no “official” description of the city’s size in terms of both area and people because George R. R. Martin adopted a realistic approach to creating his cities. While Tyrion Lannister claims that the city has a population of roughly 500,000 in A Storm Of Swords, the only source for this figure’s actual-world equivalent is a So Spake Martin archive entry in which GRRM clarifies that game of thrones kings landing population is greater than that of medieval Paris or London but lower than that of ancient Rome.

The World Of Ice And Fire is the first series to give the figures more context by mentioning how big King’s Landing actually is. Despite having the largest population in Westeros, game of thrones kings landing territory is substantially smaller than that of Essos towns like Volon Therys, Valysar, and Selhorys, and notably the rest of its Free Cities, according to the sourcebook.

Rhaenys’s Hill Represented Social Divide

Game of thrones kings landing isn’t a particularly impressive city, despite the fact that it serves as the Seven Kingdoms’ capital. The three hills that made up game of thrones kings landing most distinguishing features also served as a symbol of the town’s social standing. The Street of Silk, which is home to upscale brothels and is situated on the right side of Rhaenys’s Hill facing the west, is one such region where the higher slopes of the hills were typically linked with wealthy residents.

The worst slum in the city, Flea Bottom, is located directly across from the Street of Silk and at the base of Rhaenys’s Hill to the east. The poorest of the smallfolk had to eat stew known as “bowls of brown,” which is stew that has been continuously cooked for years and contains a number of mystery ingredients, including dead rats and, according to some, even murder victims. Because of its dense population, the city’s alleys and streets have the appearance of mazes.

Divided Into The Hundred Kingdoms, United By Aegonfort

Game of thrones kings landing
Game of thrones kings landing

Game of thrones kings landing was contested territory for the monarchs of the Hundred Kingdoms before Aegon I Targaryen made the decision to invade Westeros, with holdings split among petty kings and river kings. The future city’s three main hills would have formerly housed forts and turrets, but ongoing battles would always demolish them. The foundations of King’s Landing were laid during the period of Aegon’s Conquest.

All of this started when Aegon the Conqueror left the citadel of their family in Dragonstone and entered the crownlands, seizing control of the tallest hill. Then he started building a simple earthen and wooden fort, known as Aegonfort, on top of the hill that would later become known as Aegon’s High Hill.

Aegon’s Conquest Resulted In The Iron Throne

The Burning of Harrenhal and the Field of Fire were two of the bloodiest battles that took place during Aegon’s Conquest, which spanned a long year and numerous engagements. Harrenhal, the biggest castle in Westeros, having just been completed by King Harren the Black when the first battle took place. Harren the Black was convinced that the castle would endure dragonfire because this occurred right after Aegon came in Westeros for the first time. Harrenhal was destroyed and ransacked in a single night, and House Hoarse was completely forgotten.

The Houses Lannister and Gardener worked together to defend Goldengrove in the second battle, which occurred during the conquering of the Reach. Balerion, Meraxes, and Vhagar were all present when Aegon and his sisters came, and they simply set fire to the battlefield. The outcome of the two conflicts was the same: elements for the Iron Throne, including swords from the dead and those who submitted, were transported to Aegonfort.

King’s Landing Was A Surprising Choice For A Capital

Game of thrones kings landing
Game of thrones kings landing

When Aegon the Conqueror was officially recognized as the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, people were taken aback by his decision to base his government in the area surrounding Aegonfort. After all, his residence at Dragonstone would make the utmost sense as the Targaryen power center. Furthermore, Oldtown’s status as the largest city before his invasion would serve as the ideal metaphor for the Targaryen position in Westeros.

Instead, Aegon the Conqueror made his decision to settle in the area around Aegonfort for a more practical reason. Simply said, Aegon considered the town’s proximity to Westeros’s core as a benefit because it kept House Targaryen “away” from the vassals. In fact, Aegon predicted that game of thrones kings landing would become the “greatest” city in the Seven Kingdoms, easily surpassing Lannisport or Oldtown.

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