Discover Top Games Similar to Games Like Candy Crush

When you need it most, these fantastic games like candy crush will help you pass the time. Play some of the greatest Android games and top iOS games on your phone to pass the time when you’re bored on your commute, in a line, or at a dinner you don’t want to be at. There are many amazing games like candy crush that you can play right now, even if Candy Crush is still one of the most popular mobile games in the world. will provide some of information for you in this post.

Zookeeper Battle

Games like candy crush
Games like candy crush

While matching candies is fine and excellent, you might consider matching lovely small creatures instead. It’s a head-to-head combat games like candy crush in which you must match columns of animal images with your opponent in every game. While you do receive some defense stats if you match elephants and hippos, matches instantly assault your adversary. Similar to Candy Crush, the number of Charge Points you can have while playing is capped at five. But it’s a fantastic game with charming animations, adorable creatures, and charm.

Bejeweled Blitz

A list of Candy Crush equivalents would be incomplete without Bejeweled, the game’s original inspiration. With its vibrant jewels, time-honored gameplay, and sparkling graphics, the match-three genre was entirely inspired by this games like candy crush, which was first developed in 2001 for browsers. There are a few match-three games that have recently appeared on the app stores, but Bejeweled Blitz is the greatest.

Two Dots

Games like candy crush
Games like candy crush

Two Dots is technically a match-four games like candy crush rather than a match-three games like candy crush. When you draw a line connecting at least two of the colored dots on the board, you can remove them from the board (and drop new ones, of course).

However, to truly succeed at Two Dots, you must arrange your dots in a square to eliminate every dot that is the same color throughout the board. Later on, more win conditions are added, but the fundamental gameplay principles remain the same and are still totally engaging. Additionally, the freemium approach never bothers you and merely lets you indulge in dot mania.

Futurama: Game of Drones

Futurama: Game of Drones is an excellent choice if you’re searching for Candy Crush substitutes with a TV tie-in. Despite the match-three limitations, it manages to harness all the humor and high jinks you’d expect thanks to characters, settings, and circumstances that are directly lifted from the TV program. It’s a really simple match-three games like candy crush with a few minor twists, as you may expect in terms of gameplay.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile

Games like candy crush
Games like candy crush

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a good compromise even if there isn’t an official Pokémon RPG available on the App Store (and Pokémon Go isn’t exactly what we hoped either). It combines the battle system from an old-school Pokémon RPG with match-three gameplay. To attack the enemy creature, group three or more of the same Pokémon together. You have more Pokémon in your pocket to employ in subsequent bouts the more you battle. In a curious way, it feels familiar while also changing the match-three genre and Pokémon itself.

Puzzle and Dragons

As you solve puzzles and gather the game’s titular dragons, Puzzle and Dragons forces you to play match three while also playing Candy Crush and an RPG. To help you on your treacherous excursions, you raise a group of colored monsters by mating and developing them. Over 700 dragons have already been found, and fusion will increase that number to thousands. Both collecting dragons and playing the games like candy crush are addictive.


Games like candy crush
Games like candy crush

Though it seems like you’ll need to use arithmetic, Threes! is only about as mentally challenging as Candy Crush itself. Threes! is doing something a little different with the match-three genre. Threes! requires you to match numbers by sliding cards around a board rather than giving you candies, animals, or gemstones.

A two and a one slide together to create your first three, followed by three and three creating six, six and six creating twelve, twelve and twelve creating twenty-four, and so on. However, when your board fills up with a wide range of various numbers, matching is difficult than you may anticipate. It is better off for being tactical rather than mathematical.

Triple Town

Triple Town’s charming little blocky bears are reason enough to download it. They are the adversary in triple town, the flurry blocks preventing you from building a kingdom befitting of, well, a king (or queen), despite their cute features and small roars. By assembling matching tiles and raising the level of the elements, you can expand your town.

Three clumps of grass turn into a bush, three bushes turn into a tree, three trees turn into a house, and so on. So the battle to establish a kingdom is between you and the bears. If all you want to do is build and match, there is a Peaceful mode, but it requires a $3.99/£3.99 premium one-time purchase to unlock. But that brief period of time was well spent.

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