Top Games Like Hollow Knight for Adventure Enthusiasts

If you enjoy the atmospheric and difficult action-adventure title Hollow Knight, you’re probably looking for games like hollow knight that capture your interest with their distinctive environments and fun gameplay. Fortunately, there are a number of games that have equivalent features and can give you a similar experience. These games offer a sense of exploration and discovery that will keep you intrigued, from dark and immersive environments to complicated fighting mechanisms and deep storytelling.

In this post,  will look at a few games like hollow knight similar to Hollow Knight that are likely to sate your desire for exploration and adventure in gorgeously made settings. As we explore the world of video games that embody the essence of games like hollow knight, get ready to set out on new adventures and discover undiscovered secrets.

Metroid Dread

Games like hollow knight
Games like hollow knight

Let’s get this over with. Yes, Hollow Knight was inspired by Metroid, a 35-year-old series, not the other way around. But Samus’ most recent adventure undoubtedly resembles Hollow Knight in terms of theme as it amps up the tension and gloom. There are dangers, terrifying new foes, and secrets hidden in every part of the map as you explore the planet ZDR’s shadowy interior.
While this journey might ordinarily be completed in around a dozen hours due to Samus’s improved control, its superb boss fights and laser-focused gameplay demand for a rematch and perhaps speedrunning attempts. The best-feeling Metroid has ever had, this action games like hollow knight is almost flawless.

Dead Cells

Imagine a Metroid games like hollow knight with really fluid gameplay, a ton of unlocked weaponry, fantastic castle/dungeon settings, and the ability to play it indefinitely. At this point, you have a good idea of what makes Dead Cells so incredibly wonderful. In the ever-evolving world of Dead Cells, the correct weaponry can provide the ideal run, and gathering cells on each run will grant you access to even more upgrades and weapons, boosting your strength when you come back from the dead.

However, because of how difficult it is, you must rely on both your drips and your reactions. Additionally, it has a great pixelated display and soundtrack, and it plays flawlessly everywhere you play it. We’ve already invested many hours in it since it’s the ideal “just one more run” game.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Games like hollow knight
Games like hollow knight

We regret that we are unable to list this as a Switch title. Symphony of the Night introduced the series and set the stage for each subsequent installment, making it conceivably the serial’s high point. This, along with Super Metroid, established the parameters of what a contemporary Metroidvania is while providing a wealth of intriguing transformational skills, new weaponry, and the opportunity to level up.

Back when Playstation was still around, it looked breathtakingly beautiful, and fortunately, the 2D aesthetic has held up rather well. If you’ve been curious in the series, this is the ideal place to start because the iOS version runs smoothly and even supports Bluetooth controllers.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps can be the ideal choice if you like the concept of Hollow Knight but want something a little more tolerant and vibrant. This colorful and lush games like hollow knight, which was initially launched for the Xbox, follows the titular Ori as they go in search of their missing comrade. While Ori controls with a fluid and graceful movement that perfectly fits their form, this adventure takes them across a variety of stunning jungle landscapes and up against some terrifying adversaries.

Even while this magnificent Metroidvania is easily one of the best-looking games like hollow knight on the Switch and offers a dozen or so hours of precise platforming enjoyment, the tale and gorgeous soundtrack may occasionally cause you to cry.

Axiom Verge 1 & 2

Games like hollow knight
Games like hollow knight

Although listing two different games from Thomas Happ’s dystopian sci-fi series feels a little bit unfair, both games like hollow knight are outstanding works that, in terms of gameplay and visual appeal, can be enjoyed independently. Axiom Verge creates some amazing new skills with a wacky approach to weapons while also presenting a dark and oppressive universe full of technology and artifacts that are influenced by the gothic writings of H.R. Giger.

Axiom Verge 2 kicks out the series with a bright, almost Babylonian-looking landscape, complete with snow-capped peaks and underground lairs that conceal even more mechanical horrors. Both are essentially the work of one developer, but they deliver an experience on par with much bigger titles.

Salt & Sanctuary

This might be the ideal sequel if you liked the challenge of Hollow Knight. Salt and Sanctuary borrows substantially on Dark Souls, with its grim setting and bloody boss battles. It takes some time to understand the action and exactly what is happening in this world, and death is truly punishing here. Fans of Dark Souls will recognize this as nothing new, so if you’re looking for a 2D interpretation of the series’ action, this horrifying and excellent version captures everything that makes it tick while omitting the third dimension.


Blasphemous is a stunningly beautiful, pixelated games like hollow knight that doesn’t skimp on the gore, and it’s another entry on the harsh side. You play as The Penitent One and must discover what is causing a curse to wreak havoc on the realm of Cvstodia. The game is inspired by European architecture and Christian symbolism.

This games like hollow knight has a terrific balance of hack-and-slash action, incredibly large and difficult boss fights, and some difficult platforming. It almost feels like the Dark Souls creator made a Castlevania game. In addition, the developer has already announced a sequel for those who simply can’t get enough. It has recently been upgraded with even more content that continues well after the opening credits.

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