How to Fix Lag in AutoChess MOBA Quickly? Recommend 4 Ways

AutoChess MOBA is a new multiplayer online battle arena game based on the video game Autochess by Dragon Games. Autochess Moba, as opposed to Autochess, is a MOBA-style game meant to compete with major titles like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and League of Legends Wild Rift. However, during the game, sometimes there are lag errors that make players uncomfortable, so how to fix lag in Autochess MOBA? This article will guide you to solve the above problem.

Introduce about AutoChess MOBA

AutoChess MOBA is the forerunner of Auto Chess, also known as an extremely attractive automatic chess game loved by millions of gamers around the world. According to the AutoChess Moba philosophy, well-known pieces are transformed into heroes, beginning a new combat quest.

The game retains the familiar 5V5 gameplay of the MOBA genre, with the player’s goal still to destroy the opponent’s main house by controlling one of the game’s hundreds of generals. To maintain fairness, the generals in the game will be absolutely free for all players to unlock. Additionally, each general in the game will have four special abilities that highlight their character traits. AutoChess MOBA has conducted creative art design for all the characters in the game, especially the familiar characters which will bring different interesting experiences.

Introduce about AutoChess MOBA

How to fix lag in AutoChess MOBA?

Check game configuration

To play games without lag, the first thing to know is whether your mobile device is capable of playing the game or not. Sometimes when you try to play games on an old machine, lag is obvious.

  • Android device configuration
    – Ram: Minimum 2GB
    – Operating system: Android 4.1 and above
    – Installer capacity: 56MB

AutoChess MOBA on Android devices runs quite smoothly, and stably, and most cases of lag are caused by using devices that do not meet the requirements for configuration. In addition, phones that are too old or have a long battery life will not guarantee the best gameplay, even unexpected problems may occur.

  • iOS device configuration
    – Ram: Minimum 2GB
    – Operating system: iOS 9.0 and above
    – Installer capacity: 887MB

According to many users’ opinions, using phones from iPhone 6 and below often occurs lag, even game crashes. Therefore, iOS users should use mobile devices from iPhone 6s or later or iPad to avoid unexpected jerks and lags when playing games.

How to fix lag in AutoChess MOBA?

Configure in-game settings

You can also set the graphics options in the game to low to make the game run smoothly, smoothly and use less battery. You can set things like:

  • Graphics: Smooth to Balance
    With these 2 settings, the graphics will be blurry and a bit more jagged, but it will ensure that you can play the game smoothly without lag, if you are not too focused on the image, you should set it to Smooth, to Balance if you want the game to keep the necessary eye-catching beauty.
  • Low color mode: Open
    Turning on this mode will reduce the sharpness and amount of colors in the game, making the game lighter so that your device runs the game more smoothly.
  • Frame rate: 40
    You do not need to set the FPS frame rate too high to do. Set at 40 you will see the movement of objects a bit less smooth but ensure the performance of the device, minimizing jerks and lag in the game.

Check the network connection

An unstable network connection is also a reason for lag when playing games. For an online competitive game that requires a constant network connection like AutoChess MOBA, a stable connection is essential. Prioritize gaming when connecting to Wifi with a high-speed fiber optic network to limit the loss of connection, poor transmission, lag or delay. If using 4G, make sure the 4G network you use has a connection speed of at least 2Mbps for the least lag-free gaming experience possible. 4Mbps or higher is the perfect choice when using 4G.

Play emulator games on the computer

Play emulator games on the computer

If you can’t get a better device that meets the gaming requirements; do not have enough money to replace the old machine or simply do not want to play games that damage your phone. You can choose the solution to play AutoChess MOBA through mobile game emulator software on your computers such as BlueStacks, or Memu…


To sum up, we had provided some methods to answer the question: “How to fix lag in AutoChess MOBA?”, I want to make sure that your time at AutoChess MOBA is as enjoyable as possible. If you still meet all the requirements to play the game or have followed the instructions above but still have lag while playing the game, please contact the customer service team directly for answers about Technology. Wish you have a great time playing with family and friends.

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