How to Improve MOBA Skills? 8 Tips to Get Better

MOBA has become one of the most popular games today and is played by billions of people around the world. This game is different from many other games and requires the necessary strategy and skill. The question that many gamers ask is: “How to improve MOBA skills?” We’ve researched and compiled ways to improve your gaming skills right below.

How to improve MOBA skills?

Choose a Role and stick with it

First you have to spend time learning about the game and how it is played. Now, if you really want to improve your game in any given MOBA, you really have to pick a role and stick with it. This one is pretty easy to choose from and all you need to do is ask yourself what you enjoy doing. The reality is that every player is naturally gifted at something, and that’s exactly what you should improve on yourself.

Choose a Role and stick with it

Players will appreciate you more if you’re good at one role than half-hearted at all, even if the latter shows you’re more versatile. However, the key to achieving good results is consistency and focus. You should choose the role that you are naturally good at or most enjoy. Study it, pick up fresh knowledge about it, and strive to get a little bit better every day. Consistency will improve anything you start with, whether it’s in real-world sports or e-sports, and it’s the best approach to advance in any game, not just MOBAs.

Practice a lot

Of course, the extremely important factor to getting better in MOBA and any game like it is practice. The more you play the game and experiment with different builds, characters, and strategies, the better you will get over time. After each game, rate your performance against the previous one. Consider your accomplishments and areas for improvement for the future. Without assessment, you might never realize what you’re doing incorrectly and could easily develop harmful habits.

Learn how to play the map properly

Map awareness is one of the abilities you can easily acquire. The better you play, the more aware you are of the map. You need to know your optimal path on the map, where the minions appear, where the enemies usually are as well as where you can hide from the enemies, the location of your opponents, of your teammates.

Set realistic goals

Set realistic and achievable goals rather than setting unrealistically high standards. Play and focus on the experience rather than improving yourself too much. You should set goals every week and try to surpass them, this will give you more motivation to keep going and pursue the game further and gain a worthwhile and enjoyable level of insight. Players who want to explore a higher level of play need to learn to set realistic goals and do so with confidence and focus.

Study tutorials online

Sometimes you can learn some really cool tricks that you wouldn’t learn by consulting online tutorials. Each game, and occasionally each map, has unique methods and cheats that can be applied. Online guides are quite beneficial, and there are still a ton of guides and videos available that provide direct responses to some of the frequently asked topics in the competitive gaming world.

Study tutorials online

Watch videos of experts playing

You can learn a lot from watching other people play on Youtube or streaming videos. You’ll see how they react or deal with certain situations, and you may discover a new strategy that you never thought of yourself. See how they anticipate their opponent’s moves before attacking and how they react to their opponents when they encounter each other.

Join the team play

Be part of a team or a club. In a group, you can discuss training tips and strategies with others. Although you can find some games online, it is helpful to meet other players to socialize and have fun. Seeing how others play can help you perfect your skills. All in all, playing with people who are better than you can teach you a lot about how to improve your own skills and strategies. It’s like playing chess with a grandmaster. You’ll most likely lose, but you’ll also see how he opens the game, how he reacts to your moves, and how he finishes until the show is over.

Join the team play

Practice good habits for health

According to a study done recently, some adults are practicing healthy habits. It is paramount that you take care of your overall health habits. If you want to be able to get through the game, getting enough sleep, eating delicious and healthy food, and getting regular exercise is equally important. All these good practices will improve your reaction time. You can’t really play well if you’re tired.

Practice good habits for health


To sum up, how to improve MOBA skills? Those are the 8 tips that we guide you to improve your MOBA game skills. Hope you follow these tips and can improve your gaming skills not only in MOBA but also in other games. Wish you have a really fun experience when playing.

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