How to Lock Camera in Dota 2 – Pros and Cons of Camera Locking

Professional and seasoned Dota 2 players rarely use the locked camera tool because it restricts their ability to observe their surroundings and gain some crucial information around the map. The locked camera option is not completely worthless, though. There are various circumstances in which locking the camera would be advantageous. Come to mobasport and we will share with you how to lock camera in Dota 2!

When should you lock the camera in Dota 2?

In Dota 2, camera lock is often used by players to keep their camera focused on a specific hero or area, allowing them to quickly and easily check on important information, like enemy movements or abilities.

However, some players prefer to keep the camera unlocked for greater mobility and situational awareness. Ultimately, the decision to lock or unlock the camera is a personal preference and will vary based on player style and the situation in the game.

The ideal time to lock the camera in Dota 2 varies based on personal preference, but many players find it useful during laning phase and team fights, when quick reactions and awareness of the battlefield are crucial.

When should you lock the camera in Dota 2?

How to lock camera in Dota 2

Here are the steps to lock the camera in Dota 2:

  • Select Settings (the gear icon at the upper left part of the screen)
  • Go to the Hotkeys tab by clicking.
  • A hotkey for Select Hero can be chosen in the Unit Actions section. While playing, centering the screen on your hero by pressing the designated key.
  • Select the Options tab.
  • Enable the Hold Select Hero to Follow option and disable Edge Pan under the Camera area.

Binding the Toggle Offset Camera option, which the V key represents, is another way to accomplish this. But in order to activate it, you also need to hit your hotkey twice.

Does camera lock affect the game?

Locking the camera in Dota 2 does not directly affect gameplay mechanics, but it can impact your ability to play effectively. While locking the camera can give you a better view of the map and allow you to focus on a specific location, it can also make it more difficult to control your unit and keep track of everything that’s happening in the game.

Additionally, locking the camera can limit your ability to react quickly to events happening elsewhere on the map. This can be especially problematic in fast-paced fights or when important objectives are being contested.

Does camera lock affect the game?

Pros and Cons of camera locking


Better map awareness: By locking the camera in a specific location, you can have a better view of what’s happening on the map and keep track of enemy movements and objectives.

Improved focus: Locking the camera allows you to concentrate on a specific area or unit without the camera automatically following your selected unit. This can be useful during fights or other important moments in the game.

Reduced distractions: Locking the camera can reduce distractions and prevent the camera from moving unexpectedly, allowing you to maintain your focus on the game.


Limited mobility: Once the camera is locked, you can no longer move it around the map freely. This can make it more difficult to keep track of everything that’s happening in the game.

Increased difficulty in controlling your unit: With the camera locked, you’ll have to rely on the minimap and your game knowledge to navigate your unit and make decisions.

Missed events: If you lock the camera in one location for too long, you may miss important events happening elsewhere on the map.

How to move camera in Dota 2

In Dota 2, there are several ways to move the camera:

  1. Right mouse button click and drag: Click and drag the right mouse button to pan the camera around the map.
  2. Arrow keys: Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the camera up, down, left, or right.
  3. Middle mouse button click: Click the middle mouse button to quickly center the camera on your selected unit.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts: There are several keyboard shortcuts that allow you to move the camera in specific directions. For example, the “Q” and “E” keys move the camera up and down, respectively, while the “A” and “D” keys move the camera left and right.

Note: The camera movement controls can be adjusted in the options menu, allowing you to customize them to your preference.

How to move camera in Dota 2

Final Words

Above is how to lock the camera in Dota 2 that we think can help you if you want to lock the camera while playing the game. In conclusion, locking the camera in Dota 2 can have both advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. It is important to use this feature wisely and to be aware of its limitations.

To avoid future difficulties, try to avoid using Locked Camera indefinitely. There is the possibility to organize ambushes and ganks that you might not detect while utilizing lock mode alone when you need to pay more attention to other players traveling between sections of the map.

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