How To Play MOBA Games- The Popular Game in E-sports Industry

When it comes to getting into online gaming, there’s nothing like the thrill of teaming up with friends to battle other players in competitive battles. Over the past decade, many MOBA titles have accounted for a large percentage of the e-sports industry’s following. More than any other game style, MOBA is extremely appealing to players as well as audiences. But what exactly is a MOBA? How to play MOBA games? Why is it so popular? We’ll dive into all of this and more, with an in-depth look at the platform esports genre.

What is MOBA? 

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena which means multiplayer online arena. While there are many different MOBAs out there, they all generally follow the same blueprint. This means that once you have a general idea of how MOBAs work, you’ll be able to keep track of what’s happening in any given game, even if you lack detailed information about the game. The MOBA will pit two teams of five players using characters known as “heroes” or “champions” against each other on a battlefield map, with each team having a core structure at the bottom of their map. surname. The winner of the match is the first team to destroy the opponent’s main support system.

What is MOBA? 

Why are MOBAs so popular?

With first-person shooters, fighting games, sports games, and more, one question becomes clear: how popular did MOBAs become? The social aspect of MOBAs is also a big reason. The MOBA is a blast with the right group of people, and the five-player group limit allows a group not to be overcrowded or isolated. MOBAs have also gained considerable traction due to their accessibility. Many MOBAs are free to play and do not require advanced computer specs to run, making them accessible and open to almost anyone.

The fact that anyone reading about MOBAs can immediately download and try it out instead of shelling out $60 for the experience has been a huge boon to the genre’s popularity. In addition, MOBAs have a considerable depth that makes them attractive to players. With over a hundred characters to choose from in several games, a variety of abilities and gameplay, and general in-game strategies, there’s a lot to learn. Visually, the color scheme, open map and player decisions are always quite clear to the viewer.

Why are MOBAs so popular?

A few examples of extremely popular MOBAs include:

  • League of Legends – The most popular MOBA in the world, as well as the largest eSports platform in terms of player base, viewership, and earnings.
  • Dota 2 -The sequel to the original DotA MOBA, Dota 2 is one of the biggest esports titles in the world and has received rave reviews for its complexity and depth.
  • Heroes of the Storm – A very popular MOBA developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes of the Storm features characters and aesthetics from many popular franchises.
  • Smite: A popular MOBA based on the gods/gods of various mythologies around the world, it differs significantly from other MOBAs by playing from a third-person perspective.

How to play MOBA games?

An important part of playing MOBA games is getting familiar with the features that such titles usually have. The general structure will usually be players joining in groups of 4 to 5 people to fight other enemies. Action on a map with many unexplored “roads” and “jungles” between team bases with the goal of breaking down enemy defenses as well as destroying their base. MOBA characters have unique abilities and traits that will grow stronger as the game progresses. Additionally, characters fit into certain “roles” in that their attributes and playstyle are for different aspects of the game. Examples of some characters are:

  • Tanks: These characters have the ability to withstand great damage. Defining traits include strong defense and high health scores.
  • ADC (Attack Damage Carry): Known as a damage dealer with powerful attacks.
  • Support: The backbone of the team, which means breaking enemies or strengthening allies. Defining traits include healing and ally support.

How to play MOBA games?

So how do teams use their characters to destroy the enemy’s core structure? Well, each map has three lines connecting the core structures of the two teams. There are lines called top, mid, and bottom. The character the player chooses will determine their role as well as which lane is available to them. There are also soldiers. Minions are computer-controlled units that are continuously generated in each team’s home base after the game has started, and they travel across all three lanes.

Using minions allows the player to put pressure on the opposing team, with minions being able to burn defenses to allow the player to deal damage and ultimately destroy them. Like many other games, playing Moba games tends to be associated with PC gameplay. However, the growing popularity of the genre means that many games can be played on other platforms, including mobile devices and consoles.


MOBA games have dominated a large part of the e-sports industry over the past decade, and they show no signs of slowing down. Hopefully with these tutorials, you have learned how to play MOBA games. Taking the time to learn the basics and find the game you’re most interested in will help connect you to one of the most exciting and fastest-growing viewership events in the world.

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