How to Solo Carry in LOL? 5 Useful Advices For Gamers

Since League of Legends was released in 2009, every player wants to rank high in the game. Players will choose for themselves different generals and fight in 5v5 battles. The objective of the match is to destroy the nexus in the enemy base. However, there are many solo players in the game. And in this guide, we will show you how to solo Carry in LOL.

What is Carry in a game?

In strategy and action games like Arena of Valor or League of Legends, Generals that have the capacity to “carry” their entire team during the middle and closing phases of the game are referred to as Carry. Usually Carry generals will be weak at the beginning of the game and need time to farm jungle monsters or minions so that when they are fully leveled and fully equipped, they will become extremely powerful with huge amounts of damage at the end of the game.

What is Carry in a game?

However, these generals often have a rather thin bloodline, so they need to be protected by their teammates. At the same time, the term Carry is also applied and used to all champions with strong late-game abilities, typically in ADC champions who are not chosen by many players but are chosen by tournament players.

How to solo Carry in LOL?

League of Legends is a team-oriented MOBA game that encourages team communication and strategic gameplay. Because teamwork lies at the very foundation of the game, in the eyes of many, solo carry is a meaningless and challenging task. Above all, carrying alone is an exhausting process that requires high concentration, a comprehensive understanding of the game as well as the ability to make quick decisions. Besides, there are many factors that determine solo Carry in LOL such as champion selection, and fighting balance with the farm… However, everyone can carry it alone in League once equipped with near-encyclopedic knowledge of the game and know how to properly plan. Here’s how to solo Carry in LOL.

Choose the general

Selecting a Carry champion plays a very important role in a Carry solo because the main carry’s equipment must have solid output damage and countermeasures such as immortality and sustain. Pick a champion that you are familiar with, this will give you an edge over other teams. Players of these champions need to fully understand the champion’s skill set and limits. The most effective solo carriers are often solo laners who can quickly take control of the game as soon as they’ve won it. even a slight advantage.

How to solo Carry in LOL?

Pay attention to the jungle

Besides the strong damage ability, the carry’s characteristics are highly dependent on level and gold. While it can be tempting to fight nonstop for goals and pressure, farming regularly and expanding your lead is far more important than fighting constantly, no matter what purpose. This mission may seem rather tedious and time-consuming but solo carry needs to be aware of the timing and turn the opponent even if he wins.

Analyze the game carefully

Do not rush into combat recklessly and ignore ping commands and warnings from teammates. Therefore, as a lone bearer, your main objective should be to quickly assess the battlefield and react in time to attack the enemy or retreat. In the event that you die trying to carry alone, you’re not only giving the opposing team time to breathe and recover, but you’re also intentionally closing your chances of winning the game. So, before jumping into a fight, consider the forces of the two teams and calculate carefully.

Analyze the game carefully

Be vigilant

As a solo carry, it is your responsibility to gather as much knowledge as possible and apply it wisely. Map awareness is also important, it helps you escape death or you can know where enemies are and put pressure on the target when they are late to the turret. Also, memorizing the summoner’s spell and skill cooldowns can be useful when teaming or ganking a lane.

Know your map

During the game, you must always pay attention to the map in the corner of the screen. You should always report when your lane opponent is missing for more than 2-5 seconds as well as spot an enemy jungle approaching you. You must always plug in important points on the map. You will be surprised at how many games are won based on that. Besides, you should know the respawn time of the forest to better optimize farming and getting buffs.


After reading this article, you probably know how to solo Carry in LOL, right? Carry plays an important role in every fight and has the ability to carry the team in the middle or late game. Knowing how to carry solo properly will help you and your teammates win fights as well as bring many achievements to easily advance in the game.

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