How To Win MOBA Game? 8 Useful Guides You Shouldn’t Ignore

In this day and age, video games are becoming extremely popular and are played by billions of people around the world. There are many different genres of games, but the most popular in recent times is the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Playing these games is different from many others because it requires skill and proper strategy. So how to win MOBA game? This article will provide some of the most important tips to easily win in this game genre.

How to win MOBA game?

Learn the gameplay thoroughly

The prerequisite to winning a game is knowing the game well. Take the time to learn how the MOBA game genre of your choice works, the characters it features, and the best way to play certain characters. The better you understand a game and how it works, the easier it will be to improve over time. Please take the time to learn, carefully read the instructions in the game and memorize them. Of course, you can’t remember all of this by rote learning, but it will be absorbed in your head as you go through the actual battle. A good method is to play with the machine first to absorb the effect of the skill.

Learn the gameplay thoroughly


It can be said that not only MOBA games but also any field need talent to succeed. It’s no coincidence that men are often better than women at sports as well as e-sports. That’s because men are born with strength, reflexes, acumen as well as the ability to analyze logic better than women.

Practice regularly

If the element of talent is a necessary condition, then practice is a sufficient condition to win the game. Talent accounts for only 20% of success, the remaining 80% is due to practice. Have you ever watched a professional gamer play and wondered why his skills are so “strong”? Because of practice, a professional gamer practices no less than 10 hours a day.

The more you play, the more proficient your skills will be and try to practice with the most serious attitude. After each game, rate your performance in the previous game. Consider your accomplishments and areas for improvement in the future. You might never realize what you’re doing incorrectly and can easily develop poor habits if you just go on to the next game without giving everything a thorough evaluation.

Practice regularly

Watch pro gamers play online

Through this process, you can draw on the experience and knowledge of those who have gone before, and who are really good. You can master the effects of skills and items and use them most effectively. Similarly, watching the replays of good players you can see how he chooses skills, and items and handles situations – thereby drawing experience for himself. Another extremely important element of MOBA games is unlimited strategy. Study the strategies to know when to use which ones.

Be creative in different situations

Don’t just follow the paths of previous players, it’s valuable experience but not necessarily the best in all cases. MOBA games include a multitude of skills and items with different effects so brainstorm to create your own build type that works for different situations, or the build that best suits your playing style.

Combine with teammates

The MOBA game is extremely team-based, so you need to try to communicate and coordinate with your teammates. You cannot win by acting alone. Minimize travel when not necessary. If you play with this cooperation, you can win by combining the skills of each hero and maximizing the movement.

how to win moba game

Follow the map

While there’s a lot to do and think about when it comes to playing and improving MOBAs, knowledge of maps might just be at the top of the list. The better you play, the more aware you are of the map. You need to know where you can hide from your enemies and be aware of the location of not only your opponents on the map but also your teammates. Be sure to use your minimap to keep track of everything and take note of how long it takes to get to certain places on the map.

Stay focused as much as possible

MOBA games require intense concentration, so ignore the distractions. Besides, however, some players have a low level but do not practice hard, but rely on hacking and cheat tools to find victory. Overusing these tools will gradually lose the skills and experience that you have accumulated.


After reading this article, you probably already know how to win  MOBA game, right? Our above strategies certainly won’t help you win in every situation, but can definitely give you a much higher win rate if you keep them in mind and apply them. These tips apply to all high-stakes games, whether it’s a mind-blowing strategy game, a thrilling shooter or a MOBA that requires teamwork. Good luck!

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