The Overview of Auto Chess MOBA Apk For iOS

In the list of popular online MOBA games today, AutoChess Moba Apk is a game you should not miss. This game brings matches that you have never seen before. Auto Chess MOBA Apk for iOS was released in August 2022 and is in Development mode. If you want to know more about this game, so stay with us until the end.

The Overview of Auto Chess MOBA Apk

AutoChess Moba is an innovative multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game featuring an asymmetrical terrain and free capture of all heroes developed by Dragonest Games. In AutoChess Moba Apk, the traditional chess pieces are reimagined as heroic characters starting a new battle journey. Keeping with a view that values fairness and justice, AutoChess MOBA puts a lot of effort into creating an adaptable arena in which all players can reach their full potential.

Besides, all heroes are provided for free, win or lose depending on your skills and strategy. Auto Chess MOBA Apk has a variety of features, some of which include unique and interesting ability combos, multiple combinations of items, a system of light rays alternating between day and night, breakable terrain cancel, etc.

The Overview of Auto Chess MOBA Apk

The Features of Auto Chess MOBA Apk for iOS

Auto Chess MOBA Apk has a different kind of features. You should know all the interlacing features before playing this game.

Competition is completely fair and free of charge

You don’t have to pay anything to get any hero in AutoChess Moba. No pay-to-win mechanics, additional battle bonus attributes, or enhanced runes. Fight it with your wits and abilities on a level playing field.

The Features of Auto Chess MOBA Apk for iOS

The evolution of the map

The all-new asymmetrical map takes the tactical component to the next level, taking it to a new level of difficulty. Either team up with your teammates and share the good times and the bad, or brave the front, taking a side alone without fear. An exciting show is taking place on the dangerous battlefield.

Diverse item system

In AutoChess Moba, players have the option to purchase a variety of activity items for their heroes and then equip them for heroes. Breaking the traditional equipment system, you can buy and carry Follow a variety of active skill equipment with different effects in the match. Movement type, control type, and damage immunity type combine well to show maximum activity.

Creatively designed champions

Each hero has four unique powers, each with its own benefits and limitations. Flexible moves, violent DPS, tough confrontations, final harvests… Unique Hero combinations, triggering a unique battle rhythm! At the same time, AutoChess Moba carried out creative art design for all the characters based on Auto Chess. Familiar characters offer different exciting experiences!

Auto Chess MOBA Apk- What’s new now?

  • Rating System
    Players have the option to join Ranked to earn Ranked Points. Your Rank will improve in proportion to the number of Rank Points you accumulate. As your Rank increases, you’ll gain access to additional gifts, like new heroes and skins, Ranked Protection Cards, avatars and chests, among others.
  • New match¬†
    Now available 4 new game modes: Ranked, Casual, Training and Individual. After you’ve added your friends to your list, you can ask them to join you in battle. There is also a communication function, you can talk to others by sending them SMS, or audio texts or joining a group voice chat to connect with them.
  • Reporting feature
    You have the ability to report any player who engages in any of the following inappropriate behaviors to maintain a fun and fair game atmosphere: insults, malicious speech, trolling,. ..We will give penalties to those who break the law commensurate with the seriousness of the violations they have committed.
  • The Daily Vaults
    After completing the necessary tasks, the player has the right to receive five chests per day. You have a chance to get illustrious prizes from chests. When the Regional Beta ends, all data previously stored in your game account, such as Rankings, Chests, etc., will be deleted and recreated from scratch.

How to download Auto Chess MOBA Apk for iOS?

How to download Auto Chess MOBA Apk for iOS?

Auto Chess Moba is a new role-playing game on mobile. iOS users can Download this game from the App store but currently, Auto Chess Moba iOS Download is not available. If you want to play this game you need android mobile as Auto Chess Beta Apk Download is available. iOS users can wait for the full release of this game. The developer of this game has released an experimental Alpha version of Auto Chess Moba on Android. Once the testing is complete, the Full Release of Auto Chess Moba Apk for iOS will be available on the Apple App Store.


Above is the information you need to know about the new MOBA game genre – Auto Chess MOBA Apk. We’ve explained how it works, its key features, and what’s new in this genre of game. Although there is currently no release of Auto Chess MOBA Apk for iOS it is available on Android so you can wait for the future.

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