5 Guns with The Highest Damage in PUBG

There are many types of guns with the highest damage in PUBG that can deal serious damage to opponents. Some of the most powerful guns will be listed by mobasport below, please stay tuned!

What are the guns with the highest damage in PUBG?

1. AKM


The AKM rifle in PUBG Mobile is likely the most destructive weapon. It fires 7.62mm ammunition, which has a powerful recoil. You can still kill an opponent with five shots no matter what kind of armor they’re wearing. Even a triple hat cannot keep the target safe for very long, hence AKM’s “headshots” are valued.

AKM may be found on all of the game’s maps, including Sanhok, Erangel 2.0, Miramar, Vikendi, and Livik (beta). The majority of players in PUBG Mobile like to utilize this assault rifle as their primary weapon due to its high spawn rate across all of the game’s maps.

When it comes to AKM in PUBG Mobile, its threat is also summed up in the two words “devastating” or other comparable factors. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, this is the only weapon that can pierce level 3 armor with just five bullets. As a result, the instruction on how to fire the AKM in PUBG Mobile can be consulted if you want to fully master this weapon.

2. Scar-L


In PUBG Mobile, the Scar-L is a weapon with a variety of attachments that may be added, including sights, barrels, and magazines. Particularly, Scar-L supports the widest possible scopes, much like other rifles. Scar-strong L’s damage and quick rate of fire, similar to SMG guns, allow for effective opponent attack and defense of the occupied region.

Scar-L rounds have a range that is only surpassed by sniper rifles, and when used in conjunction with a 4x or 8x scope, they are extremely effective. Scar-L is a multi-targeting weapon with an auto mode that, depending on the user’s objectives, can shoot either close-range or distant targets. Users frequently like Scar-L in PUBG Mobile due to its great accuracy.

If desired, the user can combine with the rangefinder when Scar-L is in Single click mode to destroy targets from a distance. Scar-recoil L’s is little, hence accuracy is very good. Additionally, unlike the PC version, the wind does not count in PUBG Mobile.

In PUBG Mobile, the Scar-L is a potent and well-rounded weapon. If you find it during looting, you can use it confidently all the way through the game. Scar-L in your possession has significantly raised your likelihood of success.

3. Beryl M762

Beryl M762

To understand the actual strength of this AR pistol, let’s move on to the specific settings. The first is that each bullet fired by the Beryl M762 deals 47 basic damage. Even level 3 armor can be destroyed with one damage stat. This much damage allows you to destroy every vehicle in Pubg.

The Beryl M762 and AKM can hold a maximum of 30 rounds of ammo each, and 40 rounds if an extra magazine is included. When compared to the M416 and M16A4, this gun’s bullet speed of 715m/s is quite rapid. Additionally, the bullet speed is slowed down, therefore the bullet time for Beryl M762 is 012 seconds. This is the cause of the gun’s extremely fast bullet velocity.

The Beryl M762 is now more adaptable than ever because to its three automatic, single, and volley fire modes. especially while using the auxiliary aiming barrel on this pistol. The opposition finds it challenging to predict your next move due to the continuous swapping.

Beryl M762 can connect up to X6 and use a variety of accessories. This gun can be attached to the attachments that Groza cannot wear. The use of 7.62mm ammo is a fairly annoying aspect that frequently forces players to loot additional ammo in order to get ready for the next battle.

4. S12K


The S12K shotgun in PUBG Mobile contains all the standard features found in other shotguns. The Shotgun S12K might be the best shotgun because it has a long magazine that holds 8 rounds every shot, can shoot continuously, does a lot of damage, and has a range of roughly 100 meters. Of course, the Shotgun S12K will be more potent the further you shot.

When shooting at close range or from behind foes, this weapon is very potent. When an enemy enters the gun’s firing range, they only need to be struck by one bullet, either in the head or the body, to fall to the ground. Additionally, this weapon can accommodate up to an 8x scope, but it is completely inappropriate for shotguns, especially ones like the Shotgun S12K. Only 2x or 4x scopes are more than sufficient.

The S12K stands out from other shotguns, though, because a number of accessories may be mounted to it. Players should pick up an S12K as soon as they touch down because the adversary usually has little equipment at this point, allowing for an easy victory.

5. MK 47

MK 47

The Mk47 Mutant is the fourth 7.62mm rifle after the AKM, Groza, and Beryl M762. The base damage of the Mk47 Mutant is 49, making it one of the strongest in the group, comparable to Groza and AKM. The bullet velocity is only at a medium range of 780m/s, just a little bit greater than the AKM, Groza, and Beryl M762 bullet velocities.

The MK47 Mutant is the rifle with the least amount of basic ammunition, with a basic magazine holding only 20 rounds. However, the player can add an extra magazine to the MK47 Mutant to boost the basic magazine capacity to 30 shots. Such the majority of its brethren in the assault rifle line, the MK47 has attachment points for accessories like a barrel, sight, magazine, and handle.

Instead of three rounds like other firearms, the MK47 Mutant only has two firing modes: one bullet and two bullets (identical to the Vector). There is also no automatic fire mode. The shooting modes mimic the layout of the actual version. This gun has a 0.1-second delay between each shot, which is only slightly faster than the AKM, the slowest of the AR gun group.

Wrapping Up

The guns with the highest damage in PUBG are the sniper rifles and the assault rifles. They have the ability to quickly and decisively take down enemies, making them a popular choice for players. By now, you already know our 5 guns with the highest damage in PUBG above. We hope these most powerful guns will help you win in upcoming skirmishes!

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