What are The Best 2 Guns to Have in PUBG?

A wide variety of weapons with various specifications are available in PUBG Mobile, and each one is appropriate for a particular play style or game mode. Players can choose the type of forehand weapon they want to use, however selecting a weapon with great destructive power will increase your chances of winning. Here are our best 2 guns to have in PUBG that you should pay attention to when you are about to start the matches!

The best 2 guns to have in PUBG

1. AWM

This is one of the best 2 guns to have in PUBG and is the most powerful weapon with great damage: 105 and uses 300 Magnum ammo. You can simply take out the opposition with AWM and a well-placed headshot. Long-range battle can be won using this sniper rifle. With its capacity to blast dead targets and extraordinarily lengthy x8 magnification, the AWM’s 8x viewfinder will actually be a weapon that will help you become “destructive” in the game.

The AWM is the most potent sniper rifle available. An opponent wearing a level 3 helmet can be defeated with one blow. You are practically unbeatable on the battlefield thanks to your potent damage and respectable reload speed. You may add the SR grip attachment, barrel, scope, and camcorder. Additionally, this unusual weapon with a finite supply of ammo is only available in the hearing box.


The hardest and most difficult weapon to locate in PUBG Mobile is unquestionably the AWM. This rifle is sought after by many gamers and frequently appears in airdrop boxes. The sniper weapon and its ammunition are only available via airdrops.

Don’t forget to equip attachments that can help quiet the gun or lessen the recoil in the game when using sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile. To efficiently shoot and conceal while avoiding detection, employ tilt mode. You will undoubtedly die if you fire a headshot, and you will also lose between 80 and 95 percent of your health if you strike someone.

The 8x scope + sniper silencer is the strongest combination used by professional gamers. Once you have this combo in your possession, all you need to do is find a good aiming position to take out the other squad and render them helpless. The best rifle in the PUBG mobile game still has flaws in confined areas with little to shoot at, such as the closing stages of the game.

2. M416

Making a decision between the several ARs that are accessible in PUBG is really challenging. The M416 must be mentioned while discussing the best 2 guns to have in PUBG. For a number of reasons, the M416 is the most popular assault rifle in PUBG.

With a basic magazine holding 30 rounds and single and automatic fire modes, this 5.56mm rifle deals 41 wounds. M416 is also PUGB Mobile’s most adaptable, stable, and balanced weapon. Both close-quarters and far-field fighting are possible in it. For the barrel, grip, scope, magazine, and stock, this weapon also offers up to five attachment slots.


This weapon is compatible with most of the accessories offered by the rifle (AR) series. When 5.56mm ammunition is used, the M416’s bullets have a very low recoil and are quite steady, making it simple to direct the aim to follow the opponent without worrying that it may veer off course too much. This is the weapon’s additional benefit and the main justification for the popularity of this particular firearm.

You can loot M416 from anywhere on the map, so that’s your best bet. Shoot more accurately and with greater ease by adjusting the recoil. The rapid fire rate makes up for the apparent decrease in damage caused. Overall, this pistol is simple to operate and can be tailored to your preferences thanks to the numerous attachment slots.

There isn’t much that can compete with the M4 in most scenarios when it is fully outfitted with attachments. It deals out a ton of damage and has some of the spray buffs’ most manageable recoil. Although it doesn’t have amazing range, it is still one of the best all-around guns available and is undoubtedly superior to many other options. The M4 should be at the top of your wish list if you have attachments.

Final Thoughts

M416 and AWM are the best 2 guns to have in PUBG and can be a good combination of weapons to have in the game. The M416 provides versatility for close, medium, and long-range combat, while the AWM is a powerful sniper rifle that can deal massive damage and one-shot kill an enemy with a shot to the head or chest, making it ideal for long-range engagements.

Having a combination of a versatile all-around weapon and a powerful long-range weapon can help players adapt to different situations and be prepared for any type of encounter. However, it is important to keep in mind that the best weapons in PUBG may vary based on the situation and player preferences.

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